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Well, hello there, my friend! If you are trying to bring the trippy vibe into your space, you came to the right place.

Here is a little guide I’ve written on what, in my opinion, will get your room capturing the psychedelic vibe the best.

I have organized my points from biggest to smallest impact they’ll have on “trippifying” your room.

With each of these points, I have a post which I’ve already written and gone through the options and picked out what I think would make for very good additions to a hippie cave.

First things first, the trippy lights!

1. Trippy Lights

In my opinion, the best bang for your buck is some trippy lights. Whether it be a LED strip, curtain, or string lights, some colored lights are key to achieving that trippy feeling.

led lighting for trippy room

Sure, some cool fractals or designs on tapestries and posters are neat, but we’re talking about the biggest impact!

The reason that I find this to be the best first move for a trippy room is because of how much different colored lights can do for a room.

When you go from a plain, white light room to a room melting from color to color, the change is quite obvious.

Once you’ve got your lights in order, you’ll probably want some trippy things to look at!

2. Trippy Tapestries

Trippy tapestries are easily the craziest looking things you can decorate a room with. You can slap these bad boys on your bed, hang them from your ceiling, or simply hang them on the wall.

With the fractals and designs to choose from, surely there’s something that will catch your eye!

cool tapestry lighting

I listed these second as once you have the lighting, you’ll get even more out of your tapestry.

Personally for me, the lighting from trippy lights allows the shadows and darkness to sort of play with my vision (usually for the better) when I’m tripping and makes for some crazy sites.

In the same vein, maybe you don’t want just fractals and mandalas to look at, but something with a little more sauce.

3. Psychedelic Posters

It was tough to pick the order between psychedelic posters and trippy tapestries but I came to the conclusion that tapestries are usually bigger, and the patterns tend to be a little crazier.

You can’t count posters out, though. Having patterns and weird looking animals on cloth is great, but it is also important to project your own interests in your space.

trippy posters in room

Picking out posters that reflect who you are and what you like coupled with cool patterns and lighting is sure to transform your room to a very unique and spiritual space.

Now that you’ve got some cool artwork picked out, we’re gonna go back to the light world for some smaller, but just as trippy lights.

4. Lava Lamps & Friends

Lava lamps and the sort are not the greatest source of light, but definitely a source of good entertainment and vibes!

lava lamp alone in room

There is nothing quite as satisfying or trippy as watching a lava lamp do its thing.

Lava Lamps

Not only do I have some cool lava lamps listed, but also some general guidelines to follow when you have a lamp in order to get the most out of it and prevent damage!

Now you’re probably wondering about the “friends”…

Himalayan Salt Lamps

There is no friendlier lamp than a himalayan salt lamp. Whether or not these things provide the benefits that they claim to, you can’t argue that these things aren’t relaxing.

a himalayan salt lamp

The very chill lighting and general aesthetic of a salt lamp is a perfect fit for a trippy room, especially in cases where you are feeling uneasy or nervous.

Last but not least, let’s talk about blacklights.

5. Blacklight Bulbs & Compliments

I list black lights and their compliments last because they require the most materials to get going. What I mean is that not only do you need to grab blacklight posters or tapestries, but also the actual blacklights.

However, if you’re willing to grab them both, they might just be the best addition to your hippie cave, just peep this room:

Hippie room idea

First thing that makes sense to grab is the compliments, since they’ll look pretty good without a blacklight anyway.

Glow In The Dark Party!

I have picked out some things that will not only work well under the blacklights in your trippy room, but under blacklights in general.

Obviously blacklight posters would be the best pick, but some glow in the dark stars and designs will certainly aid in making your room stand out a little more.

Next stop, the bulbs, baby!

Blacklight Bulbs

I compare the differences between fluorescent and LED blacklight bulbs and go through many different kinds of each! Surely there will be something that fits into your psychedelic room.


Well that pretty much covers what you need, in my opinion,  to turn your space into a trippy room.

LED Bed Lights

Of course that doesn’t cover everything you can find on this site.

From rave outfits, to blog posts on my psychedelic experiences, to fun things to do while tripping, we’ve got it all here at trippyroom!

If there are any other kinds of things you feel are important to capturing the hippie feel that you’d like to me to scope out and add to the site, please don’t hesitate to let me know!