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The mystifying glow of the himalayan salt lamp is one that will capture even the sober mind. A simplistic, but pleasing look accompanied by a fascinatingly trippy texture.

Not only does it look nice, but apparently it comes with other benefits such as:

  • Purifying the air
  • Reducing electromagnetic radiation
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase energy levels

The validity of these “powers” of the himalayan salt lamp are debatable, and you may read more here about that if you’re interested.

Whether or not you believe in these effects, it does provide a nice glow, while also allowing you to feel more “as one” with nature.

There are many different options and colors, so let’s get ROCKIN’! (Get it? Because ROCKS)

Dimmable Touch Himalayan Salt Lamp

himalayan salt lamp

Might just need to hit myself over the head with this pink beauty after that awful pun.

Looking like a nice glazed donut, this himalayan salt lamp has a sturdy wooden base, and comes with 2 extra 15-Watt bulbs.

Make sure to think about where you’re putting this guy, as the power cord is not too long at about 6.6 ft.

I personally find the “raw” look of this crystal to be very enticing, but there are many different takes on the himalayan salt lamp.

Rectangular Salt Lamp

rectangle himalayan salt lamp

Here we’ve got a very nice rectangular shaped salt lamp.

Still rocking that “raw” look, but in a much more pronounced shape, it just might be the right choice for your trippy room!

The cool thing about this guy is not only does it include two 15-Watt bulbs, but also has a UL-listed cord that allows you to dim the enchanting glow.

Rose Flower Shaped Salt Lamp

flower-shaped himalayan salt lamp

Here is yet another brilliant step in himalayan salt lamp design, a flower rose!

A much more fitting piece alongside some breathtaking flowers, I can’t imagine one having a hard time finding a spot to place this piece of work.

One last awesome stab at getting creative with these lamps is, well, more than one. A lot more.

Himalayan Salt Rock Bucket Lamp

himalayan salt rocks lamp

I really like the aesthetic of this design.

I personally tend to get handsy, especially when I am getting a little wavy. I have always loved the feel of these types of rocks, and being able to grab them at any given moment to calm down may prove to be quite helpful.


Everything isn’t just flowers and sunshine, kiddo. As with many pieces of equipment like these, you will need to take care of them.

The himalayan salt lamp is more of an over-the-years sort of thing. Be sure to not leave the lamp burning at all times, as it can cause a nasty goop to form, and create further damage and cracks to your beloved buddy.

It’s not a lot of work, just requires some awareness is all!


Whether it be a trippy lava lamp or a himalayan salt lamp, they are sure to be a worthy purchase for a psychedelic cave. They both will undoubtedly aid in relaxation and good vibes for your next trip.

himalayan salt lamps in the dark

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, I hope you enjoyed it and got something useful from it. If there is anything you think I missed or should go over, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Have a good one, and happy chillaxin’.