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“Whoa, dude”, said some guy while looking at a trippy lava lamp, probably.

Lava lamps are a solid choice as an addition for a trippy room. For good reason! They are very relaxing as well as mesmerizing. If you have never sat and stared at a lava lamp, especially while tripping, then you are missing out!

Cool Lava Lamp Illustration

Let’s get into it, then! Here are some the best trippy lava lamps out there in 2019

Standard Trippy Lava Lamp: Rainbow Edition

This 14.5” lava lamp is pretty much the standard look that one might think of when thinking of a trippy lava lamp.

Rainbow being a pretty fitting color for a trippy room as colors are gorgeously enhanced when on a psychedelic.

Includes a 25-Watt light bulb.

Glitter Lava Lamp

Lava Lite comes in with the sauce. Although instead of a nice smooth, liquid consistency, it’s more flaky and solid. A glitter lava lamp!

I can only imagine what all the glitter floating around must look like while tripping your nuts off.

Coming in pink or clear and at that sweet-spot height of 14.5”, it’s certainly an eye-catching beauty.

I see traditional lava lamps as planets orbiting each other, shapeshifting effortlessly into different sizes and shapes.

On the flip side, glitter lava lamps feels like stars spinning through space.

I believe they are both mesmerizing, and if wallet-permitting, getting a nice diversity of colors and glitter and regular trippy lava lamps is the way to go.

When the classic lava lamp just isn’t interesting enough, become your own boss with the magnetic lava lamp.

Magnetic Lava Lamp

Coming at a little higher of a price, this lava lamp might not look like anything special at first glance.

Containing ferrofluid with magnetic black wax in a clear liquid, if you’ve got a magnet laying around, you can control the destiny of this lava lamp!

Rocking an energy efficient 15-Watt light bulb, this will warm up in about an hour, so make sure to turn it on well before you’re expecting to have some fun.

A very futuristic look, with a rocket-ship base almost looks too clean.

Magnet is not included so you may want to pick one up.

That pretty much covers that in terms of picking out a trippy lava lamp. 


Understanding Your Lava Lamp

Lava lamps are the two-in-one combo of being both trippy and a light source.

While you wouldn’t want to rely solely on a lava lamp for being your main source of light, sitting alone in dark room illuminated by the light of one, if not, multiple lava lamps is an experience to say the least.

Lava Lamp In Room

In terms of fitting into the hippie atmosphere, nothing fits in quite as well as lava lamps. Everything about them is psychedelic: the waviness and easygoingness of the lava emulates that feeling so well you may even feel you ARE the lava lamp.

What You Should Know

Chances are, you will be purchasing a lava lamp with the idea of using it as entertainment when you are feeling a little… whimsical. It is good to know the preparation required.

Plan ahead. Especially if it is your first time firing up your lava lamp, know that it takes time (2-6 hours) for it to reach its peak “state of beauty”. This means you may want to turn it on before going to bed or first thing in the morning.

Plan Ahead

Be careful where you place it! I’ve seen so many people’s lava lamps get ruined because they simply didn’t research proper lava lamp care! It should be in a place about room temperature OUT of sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause the lava lamps colors to fade away.

Leave The Lamp Alone

Don't Text

If it is turned on: I understand that it can be tempting to shake or move the lava lamp, especially if it isn’t looking how it “should”. PLEASE don’t do this. If you do, immediately turn the lamp off and let it sit undisturbed for 24 hours.

Lava lamps are very delicate, the lava can break apart or the lamp can easily turn permanently cloudy from subtle movements or shaking.

My Lava Lamp Is Cloudy, HELP!

Fry Losing His Mind

If your lamp turns cloudy, turn it off and let it sit at room temperature for about eight hours. Turn it back on until the wax (or “lava”) begins to soften, then shut it off once again and allow it to cool.

Once cooled, turn it back on and let it run for eight to ten hours. This should result in a clearer lamp.

How Do Lava Lamps Even Work?

A simple, but genius design, lava lamps work by having a blend of wax suspended in a liquid mixture.

Once the lamp is plugged in, the wax is heated by the bulb at the bottom and becomes lighter than the liquid it is suspended in, making it float to the top of the globe. As it is further from the bulb, the wax then begins to cool and becomes denser, sinking back towards the light bulb at the bottom.

Trippy Lava Lamp Drawing

This creates an infinite loop of heating and cooling that gives lava lamps their beautiful mixture of glowing and flowing. The more you know!