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I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again: black lights are like toppings on a pizza. They taste okay on their own, but they fit much better, and make more sense on a pizza.

Transferring this incredible metaphor onto a trippy room: the pizza is your trippy room. The lava lamps, tapestries, posters, and the like. The toppings is the black light(s).

It is best to already have some dope-looking stuff in your psychedelic cave before adding the black lights.

I’m not saying it is a requirement, but you will certainly notice a difference in the atmosphere once the combo of black light + trippy stuff has been achieved in your “hippie hostel”.

If you’re looking for some neat things that compliment black lights, click here.

Types Of Black Light Bulbs

There are multiple types of black lights out there, as such, it is important to know the differences in these types and why you may want to use one kind of light over another.

I’ll bring up the two types that I personally believe are the most useful, especially in creating a trippy atmosphere, and the pros and cons of both options.

Fluorescent Black Light

fluorescent black light bulb in fixture

The first type, and kind that you probably imagine when you hear the phrase “black light” is displayed in the picture to the right. This is a fluorescent black light.

You may find them as they are shown above, or you can get individual fluorescent black light bulbs.

LED Black Light

led black light strip

While they look fairly similar, you can clearly see the LED bulbs. A more modern take on black lights, you may find black light LED fixtures, bulbs, as well as strips like the one above!

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, “But Harold! What is the difference and why would I pick an LED black light over a fluorescent one?” Rest assured, I got you.

Which Black Light Bulbs Are Best?

Whew, say that ten times fast. It’s time to evaluate the options that have been laid before us.

Fluorescent versus led lights

It will come down to what you are personally looking for. I can see someone getting more mileage from the choice of an LED black light, but I could also see it going the other way.

Let’s take a look at what exactly is going on here. I believe the following four properties of black lights are good metrics to go by:

  • “Glowing Power” & Brightness
  • Durability
  • Simplicity
  • Price
  • What You Want

“Glowing Power” & Brightness

When I say “Glowing Power” I am talking about the actual black light effect. When you take something which is UV-reactive like glow in the dark equipment and put it under a black light.

Without a doubt, fluorescent black light bulbs definitely take the cake here. You will still find this effect with the LED alternative, but not as strong.

Worth noting, though, is that LEDs tend to have a stronger


How long is it going to actually last? This is where an LED black light wins the match. Lasting up to 10x longer, they are certainly an attractive investment.

Another thing worth considering is fluorescent black light bulbs will last about 10,000 hours, which is still a pretty long time.

Note: if you do opt for fluorescent, switching it on and off frequently will cause it to “age” quicker.


Typically with our fluorescent friends, one will need to put in a little more time to properly set it up.

Depending on what kind of form of light you end up getting, your setup time will vary. For the most part, it is pretty straight forward and a simple google or two will have you glowing in no time!


The big one. What’s the price? Well, LED lights do tend to be more expensive, however, they are more energy efficient and durable than their fluorescent counterparts.

For this reason I believe they end up balancing out and there isn’t much of a competition here.

What Do You Want?

a monkey pondering

The big question. What exactly are you looking for from a black light? That nice glowing effect? Do you need more actual light in your room?

While both are fantastic additions to a trippy room, I’m personally a big fan of the “glowing” effect that black lights provide. For that reason, fluorescent black lights are my go-to.

If your room is lacking general lighting, an LED black light wouldn’t be a bad choice! The strips are also super nice for covering large areas (think DJ, parties, etc).

Black Light Bulbs I Recommend

Alright, gang. It’s time to take a look at these different kinds of black lights. Check em out!

Fluorescent Black Lights

All of the following black light bulbs are fluorescent.

24″ Black Light Fixture With Bulb

Here we’ve got the classic fluorescent black light. Measuring a cool 24” length, and a 3 ft. long power cable. With an expected lifetime of 10,000 hours, I consider this a very solid choice for adding some spice and glow into your trippy room’s life!

If you’re looking for something a little lengthier, they’ve got you covered! Here’s the same thing but rocking double the length at 48”.

18″ Plastic Black Light Fixture

A more lightweight and compact option. Rocking 18” of black light power packed in a plastic fixture with a 6 ft. long power cable. Also includes surface mount hardware!

20W Black Light Bulb (3 Pack)

Lastly, in the fluorescent / CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) department, we’ve got the black light bulbs! This 3-pack is super sweet and it’s as easy as you’d think to set up. Just pop ’em in a regular light fixture and be amazed!

Again, if you’re looking for that nice “glow” effect that black lights provide, these are all solid choices! Remember they aren’t meant to be a strong light source.If you’re in need of something more bright, keep scrolling!

LED Black Lights

All of the following black light bulbs are LED.

Black Light Bar

Straying slightly from traditional fluorescent design, this LED black light is incredibly useful and very flexible in placement options!

With a choice between 8 or 12 LEDs, this bad boy can light up a 15×15 – 20×20 ft. area. An awesome choice for a trippy room as it comes with metal brackets that you may utilize as a floor stand, or as a mount for walls and ceilings!

Black Light Bar (4 Pack)

A LED design mimicking the classic fluorescent aesthetic.Here we’ve got the party pack! Coming in at a length of 24” or 48” each, these guys might just bring your room to life!

The power cord is 59”. Comes with a 3-year warranty and rated at 35,000 hours of lifetime.

33Ft. Black Light Strip

An awesome LED black light strip kit. Pick from 5m or 10m options. Extremely safe with low heat so no need to worry about keeping your hands off! Excellent choice if you want to get creative with your black light placement.

The strong self-adhesive tape provided will safely keep the strips in place. Comes with 6 fixing clips and a 2-year warranty. Plug and play!

Cool Things To Compliment Blacklights

Whether you’re putting these black lights in your own room, or you’re planning on showing up to a black light lit area, you’re going to need some complimentary items!

Check out this hot article I wrote on awesome things that compliment black lights if you’re interested!


Thank you so much for taking your time to give this article a read, I hope it helped out! If there is anything I left out, or you have some hot takes on black lights, please let me know in the comments!

If you’ve gotten your black light game on point, then what’s next? Take a look around the site and see what else you can add to “trippify” your living space!