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I find nothing more interesting looking and trippy than the glow effect of black lights in dimly lit rooms.

Black lights, as you may well know, are like toppings on a pizza. They are pretty good on their own, but they are meant to go on pizza!

This article is going to go more in-depth on the pizza part of the equation: things that compliment black lights nicely!

Now before we dive into cool stuff to throw under a black light, I want to explain what exactly is going on with a black light.

What’s A “Black Light”?

A good question with a slightly more complicated answer than you’d think. Upon flipping these bad boys on, one can clearly observe the ominous purple glow that emits from a black light.

fluorescent black light fixture

What humans can’t see is the ultraviolet (UV) light which is also being emitted.

UV light frequencies are higher than violet on the light spectrum and are invisible to us mere mortals.

Cue “Sad Trombone Wah Wah Waaaah” sound effect.

It’s not all sad though! We can still see the glow of certain things under UV light. Ahah!

Whether it be your teeth, glow in the dark body paint, or a scorpion (yes, scorpions glow under UV light), it will stand out in the presence of a black light.

Why? Another good question!

The Black Magic Of Phosphors

Get it? Black magic. Black lights? Okay, I’ll stop. Phosphors are actually what you’re seeing glow.

Busting out my old man glasses, a phosphor is defined as a “synthetic fluorescent or phosphorescent substance”.

a scorpion glowing under a black light

I don’t want to get too technical because this is mostly an article about things that you yourself can snag and watch glow under black lights.

Basically, the takeaway is that if you want something to glow, you’ll want it to have phosphors!

A large umbrella of things that have phosphors are glow in the dark. So let’s take a look at what we’ve got in that department, shall we?

Glow In The Dark Party In Your Room!

The following are things are awesome products to snag for a trippy room rocking some black lights. This stuff will be POPPING in that UV light!

Black Light Posters

Most posters, unless they contain phosphors (and if they do they’d probably be labeled a black light poster) won’t have much of a reaction under a black light. Thankfully they make posters that contain phosphors and will glow under the magic that is UV!

Below I’ve selected some awesome black light posters that I think are awesome for a psychedelic setting

Ocean Life Black Light Poster

Feel like you’re really in an aquarium swimming with the fish. Except instead of an aquarium you’re in dark tank with black lights and fish are tripping too!

An absolutely awesome poster printed with fluorescent inks to have that epic glowing effect black lights are known for.

“The Grim Reefer” Black Light Poster

The grim reefer is here to provide you with the dankest nugs. Another sweet black light poster to pick up from Opticz.

I don’t know what it is about this poster but it’s really doing it for me. I hope that it does it for you too!

Smiley Face Emoji Black Light Poster

Who doesn’t love some good music, especially when tripping? A black light poster that you can become one with as you’re kicking it to some of your favorite tunes!

Glow In The Dark Stars

Now I don’t imagine that these guys will look that much crazier under a black light but I think they’re so awesome and while we’re on the subject of glow in the dark party, I figured, “What the heck!”

Glow in the dark stars will leave your room unaffected during the day, but turn it into a celestial landscape at night!

Adhesive Glow In The Dark Stars

Definitely a sick addition to a hippie cave.

Worth noting that you don’t want them to be exposed to full day light, so I recommend placing them on the ceiling. Walls where sunlight isn’t hitting would be fine as well.

Also worth mentioning is pick a place that you want these stickers to stay. Chances are, when you try to take them off, you will peel the paint off of the surface as well. Be warned.

Glow In The Dark Stickers

On the topic of things that you stick to walls and ceilings that glow, glow in the dark stickers are also BANGING! Able to express yourself a little more freely, below I’ve picked out some neat stickers that are sure to pop under UV light.

Adhesive Glow In The Dark Stickers

Coming with a couple stars as well, this glow in the dark planet pack will allow you to rewrite the universe how you want it!

Saturn next to Earth? A little nutty, but alright man. Earth next to the Sun? Not sure if we’d be surviving if that was the case but y’know, it’s all good!

Glow In The Dark Space Stickers

Here we’ve got some more awesome glowing stickers. They are apparently meant for children’s rooms but I gotta be honest, I think they’re dope.

Again, make sure to place them carefully as they likely behave similar to the glow in the dark stars mentioned above.

Become A Walking Glow In The Dark Party

black light body paint

This is directed more at you rave-goers out there, but can still be a way to have some fun in a trippy room, especially with some friends!

Glow In The Dark Body Paint

Nothing says glow in the dark party like glow in the dark body paint. This stuff looks magical underneath uv lights.

UV Glow Black Light Face and Body Paint

A super solid pick including many different options for colors. If you are serious about your trippy look, a must-have for sure. There really is no limit to these bad boys. You can go for very basic design or you could go all in, like the pictures depict.

Midnight Glo’s UV Neon Face and Body Paint

A little larger in size, offering the same colors.

Will come off with a thorough rinse in the shower. Make sure if you’re putting in on clothes they are clothes you don’t mind staining, as this will not come out easy!

Glow Sticks

How could one have a glow in the dark party without some glow sticks?

Vivii Glowsticks

The utility on these bad boys is incredible. Could be as simple as walking around and waving them, or you could take it to the next level and make bracelets!

Want More?

If you are interested in upping your glow in the dark / rave game, then I’ve got just the thing for you.

Scratching the surface with this article, I go much more in-depth about all sorts of options and awesome things to pick up for the rave-goers out there! Check it out here.


Thanks, as always, for taking the time out of your day to stop by and reading this article. I hope that you got some value out of it!

If there is anything important that you think I missed, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments.

Good luck out there, psychonauts, and may your glow in the dark party be truly amazing!