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Ah, the magic mushrooms in New Zealand. Probably the most interesting and definitely the most influential part of my journey in Waikato. Where do I start? 

The fact that these bad boys grew on the campus I was studying abroad at? 

Possibly the trip I had in a hot spring that was a million times better than any hot tub I have ever been in. 

Let’s start with the species, how to hunt them, and how to store these magic mushies!

Shoutouts to my kiwi friend, J, who taught me the way of the mushrooms!


The Psychedelic Mushrooms Of Waikato

Psilocybe Makarorae is the beautiful psychedelic species found all over New Zealand in late autumn to mid winter. 

magic mushrooms in new zealand


How To Hunt Shrooms In New Zealand

They can be found in woody areas, meaning anywhere that there isn’t wood, these bad boys will not be found. The most common places I found them were near sidewalks in areas with woodchips. 

I never saw them growing in trees, so I wouldn’t bother checking those…

It must be moist for these magic mushrooms to grow so wait for some rain before you go hunting!

I had to look no further than my college campus, the University of Waikato, to grab more than enough of them to trip balls. Free drugs? Yes, ma’am!

But how do you know if you’ve got the right ones?


Identifying Psychedelic Mushrooms

They are characterized by their caramel brown top and white stem. If you pick any mushrooms that have a yellow/brown stem, don’t eat them!

If you really want to be sure, check for blue spots/bruising on the stem or toadstool. Simply applying some pressure, or tearing a stem and leaving it to sit for a couple hours will make it very apparent.

blue bruising on magic mushroom

If you can find some blue, then you’re in the green!

At first, you will find some duds, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you can spot them very easily.


How To Store Shrooms

This is a topic that has been covered countless times on the internet. If you want an in-depth guide, here are many options

You have to think about how long you want to store the shrooms. Having a jar is essential, and having a fan that can blow on the shrooms is very nice to have.

I would take all the shrooms, wash them (optional but gives peace of mind, and washes the smell of dirt off of them) and then set them on a paper towel to dry with a fan blowing on them for about 10 – 15 hours.

Once they are shriveled up, you may keep them in a jar for about 5 days max, so plan accordingly.

If you want to store them for potentially months, you will have to get more involved and pick one of the methods from the link above.


The Best Way To Eat Magic Mushrooms

Shoutouts to my indian flatmate for this one. I had always used the method of first popping the mushrooms in my mouth, then putting a big glob of peanut butter in to chase them.

This tasted so bad, and I would often gag even with the peanut butter.

strawberry jam

No longer. I have learned the ways of how to eat shrooms:

  • Place a glob of jam or honey on a plate or in a cup.
  • Grab some shrooms and dip them into it, coating it in your choice of goop.
  • Enjoy! 

I am baffled that I had never seen someone do this before. It completely erases the taste of shrooms and actually makes them taste like candy.

Another method I saw which was pretty good but not sure how well it contains the psilocybin is crushing the psychedelic mushrooms and putting them into a tea, which goes down super easy.


My Psychedelic Experience

Now that I’ve covered my methods of hunting, storing, and ingesting these New Zealand magic mushrooms, let me tell you about tripping here!


My Lawd, The Nature

Bro. The nature out in the land of the Kiwis is insane, to say the least. Not only is it a rainforest type layout, but it is littered with majestic mountains, hills, and volcanoes.

You got ferns and palm trees all over the place. They also have a wide diversity. Here is their forest landscape compared to their desert landscape.

New Zealand mountains and rainforest

On top of that, moss is growing all over the place. To me, this is the ideal environment to be tripping in.

Now, with volcanoes comes hot springs. So you already know where your boy went for a little adventure.


My Hot Spring Adventure

If you ever go to New Zealand and you are close enough to get to it. You have to check out kerosene creek. It was an hour and a half drive from Waikato and was 100% worth it.

You pull up to the park and you can either go straight to the creek, or you can hike the trail that goes up “Rainbow Mountain”. We’ll get to that in a moment.

Myself and my two friends arrive, and we start munching on our shrooms. I’m dipping mine in the jelly and having a grand ole’ time. My friend made some tea and I also took some big swigs of that.

Anywho, we eat our shrooms. I am so used to weighing in grams, but these weren’t completely dry so weighing them wouldn’t have been extremely accurate.

I ate about 20 and I’m ready to get moving, but there are a lot of humans in the area.

If you know you know, but having strangers around while tripping, especially on a heavy trip will make it very uncomfortable.

So, as a team, we decide to hit the creek first. We’re thinking it won’t be too busy and we can find our own little spot. We were so wrong.

trippy image of guy

In the five minutes it took to walk down the creek and find a massive amount of people in the water, including families, I had already started feeling the magic.

I was basically thinking, “EJECT! ISOLATE IMMEDIATELY!”. We scurried back to the car, and decided to go on the trail towards Rainbow Mountain.


Tripping Balls On New Zealand Mushrooms

It’s probably been about 10 minutes since ingestion at this point and I am already having intense visuals. Trees are spinning, geometry is… happening.

About 2 minutes into the trail and we have to sit down and trip balls. The good thing about this trail is that no one is on it.

tripping balls picture

Literally this entire trip we were the only people on the trail and we must’ve spent four hours wandering around (mostly sitting and losing our minds). 

I have tripped this hard before, but not with these kind of people. I feel like depending on who you’re with, your trip can either be amplified or minified.

It was amplified. Both of my friends were losing their mind and we were laughing like maniacs as we spoke absolute nonsense.

The visuals of this mammoth of a mountain on top of everything being wet and covered in moss was enough beauty for a lifetime.

We traverse the trail a little more and have to stop often and sit down to collect ourselves. As the day goes on, the trip loses its intensity and we decide we’re ready for what we came for.


Kerosene Creek

Nothing could prepare me for the love that is contained in a hot spring. I had been in many hot tubs but believe me when I say that a hot spring is 1000x better than any hot tub.

Not only is it all natural surrounded by rocky scenery, but there was a flipping waterfall

pouring hot water into this gigantic bath.

kerosene creek new zealand

Parts of the creek are warmer than others so you can move around as you like to heat up or cool down, no need to ever get completely out.

The heat is the perfect temperature. I’m getting giddy just thinking about it.

We spent about two hours indulging in the spring before we have to get out and head back home.

Had an absolute blast. Wasn’t a super introspective trip, just a great time and incredible memory with the friends I met across the world.


My Thoughts And Tips

I have never before felt so in touch with nature than I did when I had picked my very own shrooms in New Zealand.

Not only is it free drugs, but there is something more magical and visceral about finding them on your own. It’s fun, and rewarding.


Respect Your Brain

brain training

I will be the first to say I don’t have the best discipline in the world. Having constant, easy access to shrooms makes it very tempting and easy to just “have a few” here and there.

In hindsight, I would prefer to keep it to a trip once a month MAX.

Since I would be going back to America soon, it made sense to try to fit more of them in, but please, please, PLEASE be safe.

It is very easy to go down a dark path with psychedelics, and abusing them is the fastest way there.


Search At Day, Pick At Night

Remember, it is ILLEGAL in New Zealand (and almost all countries) to possess magic mushrooms. My method for hunting was to find spots for them during the day, and pick them when at night.

I had this awesome jacket with a front pouch that I put a plastic bag in and plopped shrooms in as I found them.

Doing something similar or inconspicuous is the way to go about it, as wherever you find shrooms, chances are there will be people either driving around or walking around.


Identify Your Magic Mushrooms!

When you first start hunting, you are almost certainly going to pick up some false shrooms. Caramel brown top, and white stem with blue bruising.

If you have ANY inkling at all that they may be the incorrect kind throw them out!

It is not worth it to get sick or possibly even die and if you happen to eat some of the good ones and bad ones, that would be an absolutely miserable trip.



Going to New Zealand was a great experience. Not only did I get to see the amazing wonders such as the Tongariro Crossing, but I was able to make some great friends, and eat some great shrooms

thumbs up emoji

I hope you found some use and practicality out of this article! If there is anything you think I should add please don’t hesitate to let me know. Happy hunting 🙂