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So you’re going to a rave, huh? Depending on whether its a single concert or a whole festival, your safety is most important right before having fun!

Now, I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you’re going to be getting “lit” in some form.

A funny comic of doing drugs wrong

Whether it be alcohol, weed, psychedelics, or any other sort of drug, they DO impact your perception of things around you, but more noticeably, yourself.

The things about raves, as you may very well know, is that people go hard.

I’m sure you plan on going hard as well, because why not? Embrace the moment! Let go of all worries, anxieties, and be yourself. Most importantly, stay safe.

I will be going over what are, in my opinion, rave essentials. If you are looking for what to bring to a rave, then you’re in the right spot.

The first thing I want to cover is ecstasy toxicity. Many have died from it because on drugs like MDMA, you don’t necessarily realize how your body is reacting. You may feel fine. This is where water is literally the “life plug”.

Water, THE Rave Essential

I cannot stress this enough! Even if you aren’t rolling off of molly, you can just as easily get dehydrated from all the heat, exercise, and other substances your body may be working through.

Hydration Packs

At a one-night concert, I’m not sure if they would even let you in with a backpack but a hydration pack is almost a non-negotiable for a festival. Very easy access water that can stay cool right by your side at all times. The best part? No hands!

These bad boys are all awesome picks that will keep you hydrated assuming you don’t forget about it sitting on your back.

2 Liter Insulated Hydration Backpack

This right here is the all-in-one. Boasting three storage compartments that will fit clothes, keys, purses, and phones, this thing has got your back! Get it? Because it’s a backpack? Ok, that was bad, I apologize.

Of course it also will fit a 70-ounce (2-liter) hydration bladder in there as well which is included in the purchase.

The best part I’d say is the thermal insulation. This pack will keep your drink cool for up to 5 hours!

If you don’t have a pack, this one is definitely a strong option. Lightweight, affordable, and sleek. You can’t go wrong.

3 Liter “Tactical” Hydration Backpack

Here’s a pack with less support for extraneous things like keys and clothes, and offers a whole 3-liters of space for a bigger hydration bladder if you’re a fan of refilling less often!

Also includes a 3-liter bladder of course.

Hydration Bladder

If you’ve already got yourself a banging hydration pack, then you may need to swipe yourself a hydration bladder. The most important piece of the puzzle.

2 Liter Hydration Bladder

FDA approved, this 2-liter bladder has got everything you could want in a water reservoir! Leak-proof, durable, and not mention, simple to use!

Easy screw opening makes adding ice and cleaning the interior as easy as stealing candy from a baby! (Which I don’t support, by the way. Stealing candy is never a nice thing to do!)

3 Liter Hydration Bladder

Obviously, not all packs are the same. Some will hold a 2-liter bladder, while others can handle an impressive 3-liters!

Rocking all of the qualities from the reservoir I mentioned above, FREEMOVE has got you covered if you’re looking for something a little bigger to reduce time spent refilling and increase time spent raving!


If you’re a fan of good old fashioned water bottles, that’s perfectly fine too! I personally am a huge fan of the simplicity of the Nalgene. Huge opening for ice cubes and easy refillability.

The best part: you can slap all the stickers in the world on these bad boys!

Nalgene Water Bottle

A standard Nalgene wide mouth. Offers 32 ounces of space. Not too shabby but might not be packing the heat you’re looking for.

What’s next? You gotta keep those ears safe!

Ear Plugs, One of Many Rave Essentials

hearing loss guy

You may not be aware of it now, but every concert you go to without ear plugs you’re almost certainly damaging your hearing. Some people care less about this than others, but it’s something I’ve been taking more seriously lately.

Even if you don’t care about the damage, tinnitus is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

You may think ear plugs will reduce the pleasure from the sound, but I actually like how the music sounds through them. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose…

Picking The Right Plug

I actually wasn’t aware of this before writing this article, but there are many different kinds of ear plugs. To keep things simple I will go over “single-use” and “multi-use” plugs.

Single-Use Ear Plugs

These are plugs that are probably going to give you more mileage at festivals as you can buy one pack and have it easily last for a group of people at a festival or multiple concerts!

Single-use, as the name implies, are plugs that should only be used once as the material they are made out of are not meant to be durable. Quantity over quality kind of thing.

Moldex Meteors Single-Use Earplugs (Uncorded)

For 200 pairs of ear plugs, this pack will last multiple festivals without much problems. In terms of the actual plugs, they are very comfortable, and an awesome choice for keeping those ears safe!

Multi-Use Ear Plugs

If you’re able to keep good track of your ear plugs, then these might be the pick for you. Being able to use the same pair for up to a month (assuming you keep your ears and the plugs relatively clean) is a huge win.

The material and durability is of course going to cost you a little extra, but can be well worth it!

Better Sleep’s Foam Ear Plugs

I personally went with this brand for ear plugs.

A nice pack will keep your plugs plentiful for you and your party.

I am confident in my ability to keep track of the provided key ring as it is always attached to my keys which I keep with me! These provide solid noise cancelling and are plenty comfortable.

DownBeats Reusable High Fidelity Ear Plugs

An absolutely awesome pick if you’re shopping for just yourself. A lot less obvious, and incredible at cancelling out sound, you cannot go wrong with DownBeats!

Single-Use Vs. Multi-Use Ear Plugs

I personally think you can’t go wrong either way, as long as you’re keeping your ears safe then who really cares, right?

One thing to keep in mind is if you plan on getting a little sauced at a festival or concert, then you will not be as aware and organized with your belongings.

Single-use ear plugs give you the peace of mind that you may throw them away whenever.

Multi-use plugs will require additional thought and planning.

If you plan on getting LIT, consider single-use plugs.

Next up, much like your ears, you want to keep your body safe and healthy. Stay hygienic!

Stay Sanitary

So you’ve got your water and your ear needs taken care of. Now it’s time to take a look at what you might want to have to keep yourself sanitized!

Hand Sanitizer

Chances are your hands are going to have a lot of different germs on them. From navigating through crowds, to opening porta potties, to spending money on food and/or drugs, you will need to keep those paws pathogen free!

I mean, think about all the times you’ll be touching your nose, wiping your eyes, touching your water container. The last thing you want to have happen at a rave is to get sick.

Carrying around a little container of hand sanitizer can go a very long way!

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer 1 Fl Oz. (6-Pack)

Able to buy a pack for the whole gang, or just one for yourself, 1 fluid ounce of sanitizing goodness awaits!

Able to easily fit in with a fanny pack, or your hydration pack, it is almost a necessity to keep one of these guys around to keep your hands clean!

Not only will you want to be keeping your hands clean, but what about your nether regions?

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are rave essentials! Most, if not all festivals only have porta potties. They are honestly not that bad and get the job done, however, chances are that they will not have toilet paper.

Even if toilet paper is on deck, wet wipes are fast, clean, and easy.

You don’t want to be caught in the porta potty after having taken a fresh dookie and be left paper-less!

Fresh Scent Baby Wipes, 720 Count Flip-Top Packs

A 720 count of Amazon’s very own wet wipes. May be overkill but if raving with a group, their clean bottoms will thank you very much.

Comes at a reasonable size as well, being able to fit into a fanny pack or hydration pack without too much issues.

Combo this with hand sanitizer and you will be one clean fellow.

If you are a clean-freak, you may want to peep this fabulous article on staying clean at festivals!

Essential Oils Are Rave Essentials!

Obviously at a festival there are LOTS of people. That’s why hand sanitizer and staying clean is so important because you could get sick very easily.

If you are looking to further boost your immune system and experience in general, essential oils are a must.

Let me throw down some quick facts about essential oils for you:

  • The oils are extracted from plants “essence”, capturing their scent and flavor
  • Inhaling the aroma can stimulate your limbic system, which influences your sense of smell, emotions, and long-term memory
  • Some oils can work positively against anxiety, stress, and depression (aromatherapy)
  • Peppermint and lavender oils have been found to combat headaches when applied to skin
  • Clears up sinuses, and can aid with allergies!

Sounds pretty neat, right?

Remember That One Time?

My favorite utility of essential oils is the fact that smells can trigger memories. Knowing this, using the oil at a festival will “save” your memory of that event with that scent.

If you come across this smell again, you will almost certainly be reminded of the good vibes and be taken back in time!

Sound good? Cool. Let’s talk about it.

Boom Booms

These bad boys are great bang for your buck. Get it? Bang? Because BOOM?! Ok, enough of that.

BoomBoom’s Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler (3-Pack)

Boom Booms are very well made essential oils which come in multiple different flavors and scents.

All oils feel a little different in terms of scent but generally help for relaxation and clearing one’s head.

These are definitely my first recommendation for multiple reasons:

  • Durability
  • Duration of scent/effect
  • Mobility (fit snugly in your pocket)

Peppermint Oil

Explore discussions of essential oils and within minutes you will find someone praising peppermint oil as the one and only holy truth.

Possibly the most potent and long-lasting, peppermint oil has a very pleasant, some might say, “Christmas” smell.

Very relaxing and highly stimulating at the same time, one cannot go wrong with a purchase of one of these bad boys.

NATRAL 30ml Peppermint Essential Oil

Bandanas + Essential Oil = Win

Bandanas are very common at raves, and for good reason! They will help to prevent pathogens as well as dirt and dust from coming into your system.

Essential oils are to bandanas as peanut butter is to jelly. If you have one you’ve got to get the other!

Applying some fresh oil to a bandana is a sure way to keep a fresh scent with you. We all know that it can get a little gross at a rave.

Everyone dancing their ass off, sweating like a mofo, and spending upwards of three days together, possibly without showering? It’s sure to smell like something.

Keep your nose happy!

iHeartRaves Face Mask Seamless Bandanas (12-Pack)

trippy rave masks

A nice 9-pack of rave masks that if used right, could last you multiple years of raving!

How Are You Gonna Carry All Those Rave Essentials?

If you haven’t already copped yourself a hydration pack, or you need just a little more space to carry some loose belongings, you might just need a fanny pack.

Despite looking a little silly, fanny packs are one of the most useful bags out there. Sitting right on your fanny allows for very quick and easy access.

Especially for a rave environment where you probably aren’t keeping a whole lot with you, except for maybe a wallet, phone, and some other “essentials”.

The last thing you’d want is a lost phone or wallet at a rave. The fanny pack is here to save you!

Everest Fabric Multi Pocket Fanny Pack

Fanny pack, waist pack, whatever. Super accessible and handy carrier for your rave essentials.

Equipped with two zipper pouches, it’s nothing fancy, but it will get the job done without a doubt.

Rave On You Crazy Diamond

Here I have covered the rave essentials. The most important things to bring to a rave or festival to ensure a safe and fun time!

If you’re interested in the fashion essentials, you should check out my article on rave outfit ideas for guys and girls! You will look totally banging.

rave on 8 bit text

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this. I hope that you got some value or learned something new so that your future rave experiences are as good as they can be!

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s something I should add or edit. I want to provide the best information possible!

Stay safe, and happy raving 🙂