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So you’re headed to a rave, huh? You’ve come to the right place if you’re trying to find rave outfit ideas for guys or girls!

First off though, I’d recommend you have the rave essentials. S’all good though, I’ve got you covered with my hot article on what to bring to a rave.

If you’ve got the essentials, then you’re probably here to get your fashion situation sorted out.

As you may or not have seen, there are many awesome things to wear at a rave that will both enhance your experience as well as the people around you that get to see your trippy outfit.

Well, let’s dive right in.

The first thing I want to cover is trippy attire: things like shirts, hoodies, and typical clothes with psychedelic designs on them.

Trippy Attire

I’ve picked out some of my favorite psychedelic articles of clothing. These are things that will either get a giggle out of fellow rave-goers, or capture them in a hypnosis over how trippy your shirt is.

If you’re looking for more in-depth outfits, I go into detail on those deeper in the article, so if shirts and shorts aren’t your kind of style, don’t worry! I gotchu.

Let’s start with rave shirts!

Rave Shirts

Below are a few personal favorite rave shirts of mine from Amazon. They’ve got a very wide selection, so if none of these fit your style, then feel free to peruse their inventory!

Liquid Blue Space Shroom Rave Shirt

trippy mushroom rave shirt

This guy caught my attention immediately. I’ve got a soft spot for mushrooms. (Soft? Mushrooms? Yeah, not really a good one, I’ll take the L on that)

It’s got everything you could want in a hippie T. The mushrooms. Space. Trippy tie-dye colors and patterns.

You can’t really argue with it. I mean you literally can’t because it’s a shirt, but you know what I mean. The shirt is a bop.

“INTO THE AM” Short Sleeve Vibrant T-Shirts

trippy rave shirt

Not exactly sure what’s going on with this shirt, but I’m vibing with it. It’s got the infinity symbol, hourglasses, some weird illuminati shit.

There is actually a very wide selection here. Definitely peruse through the different options and I’m sure there is a trippy shirt with your name on it!

Psychedelic Mushroom Smoking A Human

psychedelic mushroom smoking weed on shirt

Again, the shrooms are a big one for me personally with rave shirts. I mean, how can you not be a fan of what’s going on here? It’s a flipping MUSHROOM smoking us!

Pretty neat design. I appreciate the creativity, and to honor it, I will bid you adieu on the rave shirts department.

“INTO THE AM” Sleeveless Rave Shirts

sleeveless men's rave shirt

Raves DO tend to be rather sweaty, so wearing breathable clothing is a huge win.

This sleeveless rave shirt allows you to keep the universe with you at all times, even when you’re tripping so hard you feel like you’re falling out of it.

Again, there are many to pick from here, so check it out!

Next up, rave shorts!

Rave Shorts

Here are some boppin’ pairs of rave shorts for your next festival.

“NAYINLAN” Trippy Shorts

universe space rave shorts

Take the universe with you, wherever you go!

Boasting sizes for any rave-goer, this pair of rave shorts keeps it simple, and gives you a lot of space to think.

It’s nothing revolutionary but I’ll say that it caught my eyes immediately which must be a good sign.

Comes not only in universe form, but actually has many different designs you could go for.

Take a look, there are a lot of really cool options.

Yeah, not much else to say. They’re rave shorts, ok?

Women’s Rave Shorts

Rave shorts for women are a little bit shorter.

Metallic Rave Shorts

women's rave shorts

They honestly don’t look comfortable but I see girls wearing these things at raves all the time, so they must be cozy.

Plenty of awesome options here so take a look-around.

High-Waisted Rave Shorts

women's black rave shorts

Another pair that look a little bit more comfy, but a little bit more revealing.

However, are they as “rave-esque” as the rave shorts above? It’s a good question, and one that I think depends on the rest of the outfit.

Again, peep the different options!

If you didn’t pick up a bandana from the essentials article, you might just want to! They make for awesome rave masks!

Rave Masks

Whether you choose to dab some essential oil onto your trippy bandana or not, you’re probably going to want a rave mask.

These bad boys will not only upgrade your rave outfit, but they can aid in reducing dirt, germs, and other harmful bacteria from getting into your body and getting you sick.

Raving sick is not fun!

Rave Masks (12-Pack)

variety rave masks pack

iHeartRaves has got you covered with the party pack. I love that every design is different in its own way, and none of them are lazily done.

They’ve got multiple different options for packs as well which all are quite dazzling as well.

If you have never heard of kaleidoscope glasses, then get pumped up because these things are not only snazzy, but they will trippify your rave experiences.

Kaleidoscope Glasses

Kaleidoscope glasses, sometimes called diffraction glasses, might just melt your brain.

diffraction of light diagram

If you are unfamiliar with diffraction, it’s the transformation of white light into a wide spectrum of colors. I’m certain you’ve seen this before. When light passes through a narrow opening, or across edges or grates, it opens up this spectrum.

Diffraction glasses are basically glasses that have these grates embedded in the frame, and thus results in every light you see being diffracted!

They are awesome, fun, and most importantly, trippy. If you slap these bad boys on while tripping, you just might see the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen in your life.

Types of Kaleidoscope Glasses

You didn’t there was just one type, did you? That’s okay, I did too. I have experienced only the standard effect that some glasses offer, but there are many different kinds such as:

  • Spiral Diffraction Glasses
  • Heart Diffraction Glasses
  • Starburst Diffraction Glasses

Amongst others, they all have a very unique feeling. I will briefly walk you through these different types.

GloFX Kaleidoscope Glasses

trippy kaleidoscope glasses

GloFX is the plug. They make awesome kaleidoscope glasses and here is one of their many products. A standard diffraction effect with a very durable build, if you’ve never experienced these things before, not a bad pick at all.

If you’d prefer a white frame, these are awesome as well!

Comes with a free microfiber sleeve case to hold and protect the goods, which is banging!

Be warned, the frames are narrow and may not be the most comfortable to wear. However, this is not a big problem as you may use a blowdryer to help mold the plastic more to your face.

If you’re interested in the frame adjustment technique, check out this article.

Next up, spiral diffraction glasses!

Spiral Diffraction Kaleidoscope Glasses

spiral kaleidoscope glasses

Offering a slightly different frame, and a completely different effect, these kaleidoscope glasses might just leave you spiraling out of control. (Hopefully not, needed a good play on words)

Again, they may fall to the problem of needing an adjustment with the nose size, but definitely not a dealbreaker.

Last up, the heart diffraction glasses.

Heart Diffraction Kaleidoscope Glasses

heart kaleidoscope glasses

Instead of a spiral or standard diffraction, these glasses will transform any white light into thousands of colorful hearts!

If glasses aren’t really your style or aesthetic, then diffraction goggles may be more up your alley!

Diffraction Goggles

Diffraction goggles are pretty much the same deal as glasses, with a much different and more psychedelic look of course!

Steampunk Diffraction Goggles

trippy steampunk diffraction goggles
trippy steampunk diffraction goggles

Just look at these things. I absolutely love the steampunk effect. Coming in many different colors and designs, you just can’t beat these for the quality and diffraction effect.

Some of the best designed rave goggles you will ever use.

One complication that arises is fog from heat. Obviously at a rave, people are going to be popping off, and it’s going to be hot.

They can easily hang around your neck though so not the end of the world if you need to take a little break.

One other problem that might arise is the amount of people that will want to try them on. Not a huge deal if you’re a people person, and most people are really cool or high at festivals anyways, so it’ll probably be a fun interaction.

Wormhole Kaleidoscope Goggles

psychedelic gothic diffraction goggles

Another pair of dope diffraction goggles. An alternative look if steampunk isn’t your thing.

Either way you go, kaleidoscope glasses or goggles, you’re going to have a blast with them, I promise!

So at this point, you’ve probably got a pretty bumping set-up. Your head, torso, and legs are looking pretty trippy, but what about those toes?

Another awesome grab for a rave are some rave shoes!

Rave Shoes

Now I don’t necessarily see these things as exclusively rave shoes as they look cool anyways, but I digress.

I want to go over two different types of shoes that you might want to snag for a rave to bring your whole rave outfit together:

  • Holographic Shoes
  • Light Up Shoes

Yes, platform shoes and boots are cool as well, but for the sake of time, I will simply be going over the two I listed above.

Holographic Shoes

Something about the holographic look is so satisfying to observe. It just feels like it’s disobeying some law of the universe.

Anywho, here’s some holographic shoe choices!

Women’s Holographic Shoes

women's holographic shoes

Here we’ve got a women’s holographic sneaker that comes in multiple different colors. I personally find the gold to be the trippiest, but what do I know? I’m just some dude…

Hologram High Top Sneakers

men's high top holographic shoes

Here’s a nice pair of holographic high tops for men. Coming in only this color doesn’t bother me too much as it also lights up and I am personally a big fan of the high top look!

Speaking of light up shoes…

Light Up Shoes

If the holographic design didn’t catch your attention, then maybe light up shoes are more suited for you.

Capture the eyes of those tripping their balls off as you seem to be standing on some sport of glowing space dust.

Unisex High Top Light Up Shoes

unisex light up shoes

With unisex design, everyone wins! Coming in many different colors, these might just be the perfect rave shoes.

Women’s Fiber Optic Light Up Shoes

LED unisex light up shoes

I had to look twice when I first saw these light up shoes. Flipping the script on you, instead of lighting up the bottom of the shoes, the entire tops of the shoes are lit! It looks like the fibers of the universe have decided to stop by and wrap around your feet.

Unisex LED Light Up Shoes

unisex light up shoes LED

Here we’ve got a more modest looking shoe. Holding a few different color choices, but keeping the same simplistic tiger stripe design, these unisex light up shoes are provide a pretty decent light, and a comfy slot for them toes.

If you are feeling a little more frisky, you might be interested in a full-blown rave outfit!

Rave Outfits

Rave outfits are pretty barebones. They cover only the essentials on your body and are thus very breathable. I’d say that outfits are more common than slapping on a trippy shirt and shorts, but you’ve got to be bold.

Rave outfits are rarely unisex, as you’ll come to see.

Rave Outfit Ideas For Girls

Rave outfits for girls are quite a bop. They’re so revealing that you might as well be naked. (A naked rave sounds interesting, maybe I’ll start one at some point..)

Anywho, here’s the goods. Rave outfits for girls.

Keyhole Cutout Rave Crop Top

crop top rave outfit for girls

These are the sorts of outfits that I think are the hottest as they aren’t too outlandish. The laces are solid, and overall it’s a pretty fun setup.

Coming in many different sizes, colors, and even designs, I’m sure you hippie girls out there can find something you like here!

If not, there’s always more. It’s trippy room, dude!

Strapless Long Sleeve Mesh Rave Bodysuit

bodysuit rave outfit for girls

If you don’t want to be as revealing, but still sexy, this bodysuit is a very nice choice. Something I see pretty often at raves and definitely gets the job done. Once again coming in multiple sizes and designs, Amazon is the plug!

Lastly, a thing I see a lot at raves and find the most trippy and is the bikini tops!

Rave Bikini Top

women's rave bikini top

Whether it be fish scales, feathers, or simply fishnet, the women’s rave bikini tops are a smash hit and I can see why.

Not only is it fashionable and appropriate for the occasion, it is VERY breathable!

Bikini Top Rave Swimsuit

women's rave bikini top

Here we’ve got a “drippy” design. I personally haven’t tripped and seen what this looks like but I can imagine it’s pretty wild.

Another very breathable and fashionable design for the female ravers out there.

Rave Outfit Ideas For Guys

A little bit more modest, but just as revealing, typical rave outfit ideas for guys are looking pretty hot as well.

Jockstraps are something that I see pretty often, and think that they fit the vibe and free spirited environment of a rave.

Jockstrap Rave Bodywear

jockstrap rave outfit idea for guys

This is a pretty decent pickup. If you’re bold enough to buy and wear this thing, props to you!

Honestly, Amazon’s outfit ideas for men is pretty limited, so you may have to do some searching as there are other websites out there with more selection.


There is so many ways you can dress up for a rave. That’s part of the reason why they are so much fun and weird! Some people are wearing complete suits, while others are wearing almost nothing.

I hope that you got something valuable from this article. Thank you for taking the time to read it, and if there’s anything you think I missed or should re-do, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Happy raving 🙂