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Ahhh, Mary Jane. That good-good. Gigglebush. The REEFER!

Cannabis is a beautiful flower and even more beautiful to inhale its smoke.

Obviously a still somewhat controversial topic, over the years it has grown a mass adoption, and a lot more potent.

Legalization is right around the corner, if not, already in place for many in the U.S. and lately I’ve been thinking about how good that green actually is.

a lot of marijuana nugs

I want to talk about what others and myself find great about weed, but I also believe it’s important to see both sides of the coin. I will delve into both the positives and negatives of THC and CBD.


Long story short, THC is what gets you feeling “high”. Laughing, nutty thoughts, and a feeling of melting all seem to stem from this.

On the flip side, CBD is what gets you feeling mellow. Your body may feel like it’s glowing, but your brain is almost entirely there.

If you’re interested in reading more, here is a great article to check out.

What’s That Strain?

It’s not as simple as, “Is my weed CBD or THC?”. Almost all strains contain a little bit of both, but as time has gone on, people have been able to create more specialized strains.

When children are prescribed medical marijuana for their seizures or anxiety, it’s almost entirely CBD. Charlotte’s Web is probably one that you’ve heard of.

For those familiar with the terms Indica and Sativa, Sativas tend to have lower CBD and higher THC while Indicas are the opposite.

Why Am I Not High?

Since I started smoking, it had been almost entirely THC. I can accurately recount a time a dealer sold me some weed, and it looked, smelled, and smoked like all the nugs I had smoked before, but it didn’t get me “high”.

guy smoking a joint

I thought it was some bunk skunk. I didn’t realize until much later what must’ve been going on. It was a mostly CBD strain!

Nowadays I warmly welcome high CBD strains. I’ll still smoke THC for a good time, but there is a time and place, and this leads me to my point.

The Positives of THC and CBD

I now firmly believe both strains have a time and a place. Although most of my life I have smoked THC heavy grass, I believe CBD is very practical.

First, I want to go over what I like about THC and what it does specifically for me.

Pros of THC

When I smoke it, I’ve noticed the following effects on myself:

  • Find more joy in what I’m doing
  • Boosted creativity
  • Giggles
  • A more funny perspective on the world
funny stoner meme

THC puts me in a completely different headspace. Especially when I really hit it hard, I feel like I turn into an alien. People around me who are sober might not be able to connect that well, but being around baked people is like a safe haven.

I love using THC creatively with making music as well as a general boost in ideas.

Overall, when I want to have some good times and some good laughs, I opt for THC.

CBD, however…

Pros of CBD

Smoking on some dank with high CBD results in the following:

  • Decreased anxiety
  • Feel like my body is glowing
  • Increased focus (might be placebo)
  • Increased relaxation and pain relief

CBD leaves me feeling glowing and focused. While my body feels like it is getting high, I am able to still get work done and keep my head on straight, for the most part.

marijuana plants

I enjoy using CBD when I want to smoke, but I know that I have things I have to get done. I notice if I’m using THC and trying to complete tasks it’s a much slower and uncoordinated effort.

Now, with any good thing, comes some bad things. You gotta see both sides!

The Negatives of THC and CBD

Obviously there are bad sides to both types. Let’s get to it.

Cons of THC

After smoking THC multiples times a day for weeks at a time, even in the first week I start to notice the following:

  • Decreased motivation in general/more lazy
  • A sort of mental dependency, a need to smoke
  • Things that I used to enjoy aren’t as appealing
  • Increases the pain I have in my arm from tendonitis

I feel like I go in loops sometimes. I’ll take a small T-break and start getting back into my groove, then the weekend hits. I smoke, and the people around me all smoke as well, so it’s very easy to get back onto a habit of smoking.

a sad egg

I’m not saying you can’t live your life smoking weed the whole time, but it definitely makes it more difficult.

There is something to be said about how it can ease what is going on. Makes going to work easier, but in my opinion, it should be moderated.

What I find doesn’t need as much moderation, though, is…

Cons of CBD

CBD doesn’t really have that many cons. It obviously costs money so there is that, but I could smoke CBD all day and continue to get what I need to get done.

The most noticeable is that it doesn’t get you high, so if you’re looking to get “crazy” you might opt for THC.

Do I Have A Problem?

This is a question I have asked myself on multiple occasions. I would feel my life passing me by and just sort of sitting there watching it happen.

an anxiety illustration

When I smoke CBD, I feel much more in control. I will still smoke THC especially in social environments as I love the feeling of being high around people.

Moving forward, I see myself straying further from excessive smoking in general, however.

I personally find weed to lose its magic after using it very often for a long time.

There was a moment in college where I would smoke once a month, and that might’ve been the best rate.

It was magical every time. Inevitably, I would think I could chase this magic by smoking more the next day, but it wouldn’t work.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel like you eventually get numb to cannabis and its effects?

My sister told me she does a couple months on, a couple off type of thing.

I’m interested to know how you guys moderate your ganja use, if it all.

Let me know your opinions, and as always, thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

If there is anything you think I should expand on or re-do, please don’t hesitate to reach out.