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Tripping and the psychedelic experience. What an enigma. I’ve always described it as “weird” but it doesn’t quite do it justice.

Whether you’re laughing your ass off outside with friends, or having a good cry in your pillow, it always feels like a learning experience and there’s something to gain from each and every trip.

Something that I have always wondered, though, is where’s the best place to trip?

trippy adventure time

There’s clearly two options, tripping outside, or tripping inside, and wide spectrums within both. I think it depends highly on what you’re looking for, and how experienced you are.

I want to cover the two options as well as my thoughts, opinions, and personal experiences with both.

Tripping Outside

My psychedelic journeys outside have been very transformative.

When speaking about outside, I mean nature. I thoroughly enjoy forests as well as beaches. Parks can be very fun but I am not very good around a lot of people when I am tripping.

trippy forest

I tend to get very anxious and pretty much can’t stop myself from bursting out laughing.

The sheer beauty alone from tripping and nature has shifted my perspective on life in general and has grown my appreciation for Mother Earth.

My most memorable trip was in Oregon. I had no idea going there that it was a rainforest type climate. Something about everything being wet and looking like made-up plants and terrain while also tripping was pure magic.

trippy oregon rainforest

Oregon Rainforest

It was so incredible, in fact, I had to share my experience. I told my very anti-drugs mother, which luckily, she didn’t mind too much. She actually thought magic mushrooms weren’t actually natural mushrooms but synthetic.

Stories aside, from my times spent melting outside, I’ve found that these trips tend to be very light-hearted, especially when accompanied by a good friend or group of buddies.

I don’t tend to have that many epiphanies on these trips, rather it is such a good time that the good vibes stick with me for a long time and help me remember what’s good in life.

psychedelic fractal visuals

I tend to get lost in the fractals and visuals of nature as well as the funny and weird conversations I have with whoever joins me.

Sometimes it gets deep but for the most part it stays relatively light and joyful.

As fun as turning into walking putty and tripping nutsack outside can be, there’s some dank ass parts of losing your mind indoors.

Tripping Inside

I always thought tripping inside was too much sauce. Anytime the psychedelics start melding my brain and body together my first thought is to get outside and get some fresh air.

I realized recently that this was all in my head.

colorful trippy house

I was always informed that tripping outside in nature was best and never heard many recommendations to spend most of a trip indoors. I didn’t want to.

Recently I took some mushrooms with a buddy of mine and our plan was to go outside and go sledding in the snow which sounded amazing!

He ended up wanting to wait for one of our mutual friends to show up before leaving, and I was panicking as that meant we had to stay in the house!

I could feel myself losing my mind, but I practice meditation often. In these situations, the best thing to do is to simply take some deep breaths.

After not even a minute of doing this, I realized everything was in my head.

“So what do we do inside?”, I wondered. I asked my buddy as his face seemed to shapeshift into multiple forms. He had colouring books and and pencils, and offered me the gift of a colouring  book and some colors. I got to work.

losing your mind illustration

Coloring while tripping is pretty fun, but to be honest I prefer it sober. If you are interested in picking up some cool things to color, I got you! Here’s an article of mine on trippy coloring pages and books.

We did that for a little while, but then I had to lay down. The trip was consuming me. Not in a negative way, but I was just overwhelmed by how hard it was hitting me.

I had only taken two grams, but on an empty stomach, I got bopped.

Eventually me and my buddy lay on adjacent couches while Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ played in the background. (If you’re looking for good tripping music, this album is an awesome choice)

We started talking.

illustration of introspection

Now typically I don’t tend to conversate much when I trip outside, except for stupid quips back and forth about how hard I’m losing my shit.

This talk was different. It got deep very, very quickly. We talked about family relationships, to goals in life, to mistakes and regrets in the past.

I loved the conversation and it felt so good to be talking about things that had been on my mind but hadn’t been able to put into words.

This trip and my most recent trip were both inside and mostly consisted of me having deep conversations with my trip buddy.

This leads me to my next point and question, “Where’s the best place to trip?”

There Is No Best Place To Trip

I stand behind this statement. It’s a very subjective question and thus, there is no concrete answer. I believe that it heavily depends on one’s experience with psychedelics.

trippy oil slick

At this point in my life, I have tripped so much outside and experienced so much beauty which has deepened my appreciation for nature so much.

I find that I am a more loving and open person in general after these outdoors trips.

These days, I am looking to plan for my future more and more, and I feel that tripping inside is a more appropriate decision for this reason.

Talking through my thoughts and problems with someone else, especially while tripping, makes things much more clear.

This is just psychedelics in a nutshell. Everything seems so clear and easier to understand.

I definitely plan on tripping outside again, especially when things warm up, but as it stands, I have things to work out.

Consider your mindset.

Set And Setting

Set and setting is something that comes up when talking with psychedelics quite often. It refers to your mindset (set) and your scene, or where you are (setting). The term was coined by the late Timothy Leary.

set and setting

Mindset refers to the mental state one is in as they enter the psychedelic experience, and the setting is wherever one finds themselves physically while tripping.

I’ve already covered my thoughts on setting above, so let’s talk about mindset.

What Are You Looking For?

Don’t be worried if you don’t have an answer for this question. The nice thing about psychedelics is they tend to do a good job of opening yourself up for you to take a closer look at and really figure out what you want.

the thinker statue

Sometimes I go into a trip with no expectations or things I want to think about, and it comes out amazing, bursting with new ideas and interests.

Other times I’ll have a plan going in, and the trip will completely swerve into a different lane, which can be fine too!

Recently though, I have stuck to my guns of wanting to take a mental check of where I am in life and where I’m going. Then, observe whether or not I’m going where I want to be going.

These talks I’ve been having with my close friends while tripping have helped a lot with that.

crystal ball into the future

My simple advice is if you aren’t really sure what you’re doing or what you’re looking for, take a trip in the forest, or beach! The beauty might just inspire you to do something you had never thought of doing before.

If you’ve got a pretty good thing going for yourself, and would rather take a mental checkpoint to see how things are going, maybe spend a trip inside!


At the end of the day, a trip will always leave you impacted in some way. Sometimes it is a beautiful view, or sometimes it’s a beautiful conversation.

Either way, I’ve come out on the other side feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world.

Hopefully you got something out of this article. Let me know which setting you prefer and why in the comments!

If there’s anything you feel like I should’ve covered or talked about more, please let me know!

Thanks for reading 🙂