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Trippy lights both look cool and are ESSENTIAL to capturing the psychedelic feel. Plain and simple. There are many different options out there for getting the trippy mood.

Whether it be through string bulbs, LED strips, or more decorational looking lights such as paper lanterns and electric candles, the possibilities are limitless!

Trippy Lights

Consider Your Setting

In my opinion, it is important to get the most bang for your buck (Duh.). It would be a real shame to spend a lot of money on decorational lights to try and get that trippy vibe, just to realize that it doesn’t provide nearly the right amount of light you may be looking for.

This is why I recommend for you hippies out there that are trying to capture the psychedelic feel in your very own room to take a GOOD look at your room and ponder on what part of the room you would like to draw attention to.

It’s also important to recognize whether you prefer it to be darker or lighter when you’re tripping. I honestly find both of them fascinating environments, so play around with it to figure out your ideal lighting!

Think About It

Trippy Lights

A good first light investment is in LED strips. The reason for this is because a decorational light, while it may look neat and can certainly add to the aesthetic, doesn’t actually provide much light!

LED Strips and Curtains

LED strips are very powerful for two reasons: there are a lot of them, AND they typically hang on walls or ceilings, where they are not obstructed by other objects in the room, allowing them to shed more light on your trippy room.

LED lights are so useful in that they are usually highly customizable.

LED Strip

led stripCheck Price On Amazon

Products like these come with a remote that allow you to adjust anything from color to brightness as well how often tthe colors change and whether you’d like it to be gradual or rave mode.

They make it super easy to set up with adhesive backs that will fit well along your wall and ceiling, or maybe underneath your bed or desk!

Now I love LED strips as much as the next guy, but they aren’t the best looking thing out there.

LED Curtain Lights

LED curtain lightsCheck Price On Amazon

These curtain lights have such a gripping look and feel to them. Especially when you’re tripping. The lights literally look like they’re a waterfall sliding merrily along.

They ARE set to one color and come in Blue, Purple, White, and Warm White (whatever that means).

Coming with 8 different modes of flashing from “SLO GLO” to “Twinkle/Flash”, they’ve got you covered!

Fairy LED Lights Curtains

fairy led light curtainCheck Price On Amazon

If you’re interesting in getting a little more of that taste of the rainbow, have no fear! Fairy lights LED string light curtains are here!

Corny rhyme schemes aside, the softness of the light and slickness of the copper wire makes for a pretty neat little scene.

Coming equipped with a remote as well, you might just find a leprechaun hopping around if you’re in the “zone” while gazing in these wondrously trippy lights!

Now these are all pretty decent sources of light and will certainly add to the vibe, but you can’t just have strong LED lights all over the place! You may want to grab some more decorative lights…

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lights, or accent lighting, is like the icing on the cake. Once you’ve gotten your main forms of light shining upon your trippy room, these are the lights that are meant to make certain things pop, or simply be beautiful enough on their own to get lost in.

First stop, lantern string lights!

Lantern String Lights

lantern string lightsCheck Price On Amazon

Like the stars in the sky, these masterfully designed trippy lights are an excellent addition to a hippie’s place!

Whether you string them up along your wall or across your ceiling, there are many ways to set these beauties up!

Be prepared, these do not come assembled so you’ll have to put some work in, but it’s well worth it!

You may want some light clips to help hang these bad boys up.

Colorful Star String Lights

star shaped string lightsCheck Price On Amazon

Now, yes, these things are marketed towards kids and playrooms, but to be honest, when I’m tripping I DO feel like a child. So if you can get past that, these are actually a decent decorational light for a trippy room.

Note they won’t carry much light so definitely keep in mind what sort of atmosphere you’re trying to build.

Sometimes, you do want it to be a little darker, as it lets your mind create the rest of the scenery a little easier, especially when slipping.

Remote-Controlled LED Light Bulb

led light bulbCheck Price On Amazon

An actual LED bulb if you’ve already got some sockets around your space that could use a little more flare!

Easily customizable and very easy to set up, not a bad choice for your wallet OR for your room.

Waterproof Ball Lights

waterproof ball lightsCheck Price On Amazon

Not only is this some decorative lighting, this thing is a decoration on its own! You may choose to utilize these as some string lights, but you can also set them up in a nice bundle on a shelf!

Cool Trippy Lights, But What About Lava Lamps?

Well I’m glad you asked, imaginary skeptical psychonaut in my head. Lava lamps are certainly a wonderful addition of light and decor in a trippy room.

Lucky for you, I’ve got an entire article dedicated to these flowing masterpieces.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this article.

I hope that you got something useful out of it. As always, let me know if I missed something or if you have any ideas for topics I should cover!

Happy tripping 🙂