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Trippy tapestries are like, the vibe, bro.

On a serious note, a psychedelic tapestry is fantastic for multiple reasons:

  • Fun to look at
  • Helps to insulate rooms
  • Helps with acoustics to make rooms have less echo/reverb
  • Flexible

If you’re interested in learning more about the what I mean by the flexibility, this article goes over some creative ways you can hang these bad boys and decorate your hippie pad.

Well, without further ado, let’s get into the trenches and dig a little bit deeper into the world of trippy tapestries!

A Psychedelic Tapestry

I will say while most tapestries are generally psychedelic, some are more so than others. These trippy tapestries tend to have geometric patterns or fractals that are bound to capture your eyes with their seemingly infinite beauty.

Let’s take a look!

Heopapin Tie Dye Mandala Tapestry

Mandala wall tapestry

On this page we’ve got trippy tapestries with a Mandala design. Not only is it a psychedelic look and feel, but the spiritual aspect of the Mandala is very interesting.

Mandala translates to “circle” and is a ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe.

Pretty fitting choice of tapestry for a hippie room, considering you’ll probably be feeling very much one with the universe when taking a nice, long look at this breathtaking fabric.

Coming in multiple options, surely you’ll find something that catches your eye.

Dark Side Of The Moon Trippy Tapestry

Trippy Dark Side Of The Moon Tapestry

“Is there anybody in there?” One of the most famous psychedelic bands out there to do this day, what better to compliment your trippy room than a Pink Floyd psychedelic tapestry?

This has got to be one of the coolest things I’ve seen while looking around the trippy department.

You’ve got bones, clocks, fireplaces, airplanes, and many more designs living and breathing with each other on this absolutely stunning masterpiece!

Clocking in at 60×90 inches, it will cover a good amount of space, and probably leave you in a good amount of space after digging a little deeper with your eyes.

Zen Meditation Tapestry

Zen Meditation Tapestry

One of many trippy tapestries that you can really get in tune with. Even for those who are not avid meditators, this bad boy will help to remind you that sometimes, all you need is some good old fashioned deep breathing.

There are many other options on this page as well, but the zen meditation is hands down the one that I like the most.

Trippy Tapestries With A Story

As easily as you can get lost in a psychedelic tapestry bursting with vibrant colors and intricate designs, trippy tapestries depicting some sort of scene are just as visually captivating.

Come, stay a while, and join me in my journey through these hippie landscapes!

Lucid Eye Studios Trippy Trek Tapestry

Lucid Eye Studios comes in with the sauce, boasting seven vastly different illustrations.

They’re all pretty good, and I definitely think the sunrise one takes the cake for the most awe-inspiring.

The perspective it is created in makes it seem as though I am warping through time and space into the sun to transcend consciousness and achieve enlightenment.

Very well done designs coming in either 48×72, 58×51, or 82×72 inches, there’s got to be one creation here that’s calling your name.

Tree Of Life Space Vortex Tapestry

Mmmm, the Tree Of Life. There’s something so mesmerizing about trees. Not only are they naturally occurring and are quite literally what allow us humans to continue to flourish, but the way they look is an entirely different story.

I just love how they stake their claim into the ground through their roots to soak and absorb Mother Nature’s nutrients, and at the same time are doing the same thing except in the opposite direction, blossoming into outrageous fractals with their branches and leaves.

An awesomely psychedelic tapestry.

Magical Mystery Bus Trippy Tapestry

Hippie Volkswagen Bus Tapestry

Roll uuuuuuuup! Roll up for the mystery tour!

There’s something just so innocent and loving about those volkswagen buses.

Probably the fact that hippies tend to inhabit them.

Anywho, this volkswagen is particularly psychedelic as we’ve got what seems to be a forest packed in by the moon and the sun so lusciously swimming through the wavy clouds and designs.

This psychedelic tapestry does not stop there, however, as it is drifting presumably through time and space.

A great choice as it not only depicting a scene, but it is peppered masterfully with gorgeous patterns that are sure to leave your jaw on the floor.

Trippy Tapestries For Black lights

A black light tapestry is a nice combo of vivid colors and amazing design. If you haven’t gotten a black light situated in your trippy room yet, you must be tripping!

Lucky for you, I have already written an article comparing and contrasting different kinds of black lights that you may find out there.

Now, let’s see what’s cooking up in the kitchen of the black light tapestry world, shall we?

“Space Jungle” Trippy Black Light Tapestry

Psychedelic Space Jungle Tapestry

Chief called, he informed me that this is it.

For real though, the colors on this thing are insane! Get this bad boy next to some UV light, kick back, and let the colors flow. One of the best looking trippy tapestries meant for black lights that I have seen on Amazon.

From the bright greens to the deep blues, you might just get sucked into that space hole illustrated in this stunning psychedelic tapestry if you gaze into it long enough.

“Nature’s Embrace” Psychedelic Black Light Tapestry

Nature's Embrace Black Light Tapestry

An experience that is truly life-changing, tripping with a loved one.

The bond between a couple grows so strong while tripping that many people have reported feeling united as one entity when engaging in some good old hippie love-making.

I think that this black light tapestry does an excellent job of portraying that connection that is made, as these two are literally intertwined as they hold each other closely in space.

“UFO Jungle” Black Light Tapestry

UFO Jungle psychedelic tapestry

This hippie tapestry puts tripping, which I find so hard to put into words, into a very entertaining piece of artwork..

It’s like the UFO in the background is being sober. You come out of it and come relax and live with the nature around you and simply exist and find pure joy in that alone.

I don’t know about you guys but I feel like an alien as I ascend into the higher dimensions of consciousness, while feeling like a child and finding whimsy in the nature around me.

Because of that, I connect with this craft on an entirely different level. Mother Nature is so beautiful, and even more so while tripping. Gorgeous design.

Got A Psychedelic Tapestry? Get Lights!

Assuming that you have gotten your trippy tapestries fix, I’m going to also assume that you may want some nice lighting to compliment your new pieces.

Lucky for you, I’ve gone through and handpicked some awesome trippy lights that are sure to liven up your space!


As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read through this article. I hope that you got something useful out of it and that you may take your hippie cave to the next level!

If there is anything that you think I should cover in regards to trippy tapestries, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

I want to be able to provide the absolute best content for you psychonauts out there.

‘Til next time, peace out 🙂